Susan Marques Booth for Utah House District 45
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Susan on Education

Currently, enrollment in the Canyons School District is declining.  Where the Canyons District represents 6.82% of all 12th grade students in the state, Canyons only has 5.03% of the kindergarteners in the state. On average, each grade has 8.6 less students than the next older grade.  As they move through the system there will be less and less students in the system, making Canyons an easy target for education reformers in future years. A comprehensive and sustainable approach to statewide school funding will protect the future for our students and lead to good jobs for all Utahns.

There are schemes in education to test and punish Utah teachers, schools and districts.  This is not a sustainable plan for education for Utah.  We need to get it into our heads that we will raise or sink as a state and use the limited resources that we have now and in our future to buttress the wave of young students entering our school system today.  If we cannot find a way to adequately fund all school districts, we will see Canyons come under attack repeatedly.  The solution can only be found in the legislature where all sides must come to the table and work toward a funding solution that  works for growing Districts as well as shrinking school districts like Canyons.

There needs to be a voice in the school funding discussion about the arts and extracurricular programs. I will be that voice and that vote.  We cannot reduce the school system to STEM (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics) courses only.  Our children need to have the opportunities to explore their athletic and artistic talents as well.  During their formative years, they need to expand and explore as many opportunities as possible.  Our communities will be richer for it, both today and long into the future.

Susan on the Economy

As the Utah economy continues to rebound, growing stronger every day, too many of our neighbors are getting left behind.  A sound economic approach is one that works for everybody’s benefit.  Until everyone who wants one, can find a job that meets their needs, our economic policy is failing Utahns.  In the legislature, we need to remember we work for every Utahn whether they can afford a lobbyist or not.  Good jobs and economic security will guide my decisions and should guide the legislature.

In Utah, on average, a woman who holds a full-time job is paid $32,843 per year while a man who holds a full-time job is paid $47,573 per year. This means that women in Utah are paid 69 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to a yearly gap of $14,730 between men and women who work full time in the state. This isn't a women's issue as much as it is a family issue.  9% of Utah families with children  are single parent households and the vast majority of those are headed by women.  We cannot leave those families and children behind.Industry - The Motto of Utah

 Our motto in Utah is "Industry".  To me this means that we devise solutions to our problems through innovation.  We need to be true to our shared history and keep Utah as a place where a good idea, hard work and fair rules will lead to success. All government regulation needs to be thoughtfully considered before it is enacted into law. That is not to say, I would eliminate all governmental regulation, but I would look at each proposal and weigh it against the common interests of all Utahns.

Susan on Environment

The single most important thing that our Legislature can do to improve air quality today, is to take Utah’s Division of Air Quality seriously.  There were three opportunities in 2014 to strengthen the DAQ and its rulemaking authority.  Each opportunity died in this legislature.  When we have worse air than anyplace else in the nation, how can our elected representatives bury their heads in the sand? Additionally two failed pieces of legislation would have replaced dirty old school busses with new cleaner alternative fuel busses and increased penalties on old smog gushing diesel trucks.  Finally, real public transportation that meets our growing transportation needs can no longer be ignored.  We have good starts for legislation; we just need a good legislature to finish them.Susan Booth will protect Utah's Land

Additionally, in Utah we have so much land that if we divided the responsibility over every inch of the state between every man, woman and child living in Utah, each of us would be responsible for just over 18 square acres of land.  Our responsibility as stewards of the land is awesome, burgeoning on overwhelming.  Currently, our severance tax, the tax someone must pay to remove resources from the land, is one of the lowest in the nation.  This is ridiculous!  We have a limited amount of natural resources and we are giving them away at bargain basement prices.  I will fight, and it will be a fight, to bring this absurdly low tax rate to par with similar states.  We have been giving it away for too long and in my opinion it has not served the state or Utahns.

2014 Committee to Elect Susan Marques Booth